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We currently only accept Clients on a referral basis only and are closed to business from outside this channel. Jan 2024

‘Evanna Project Solutions are solution orientated Commercial Advisers. They consistently help Clients to refocus, plan and to implement on that plan. In a highly competitive sector we have and continue to benefit from the Management, Leadership and Communications skills which John brings to our Practice and our Clients’

Kevin O’Reilly, Principal, Kevin OReilly & Co, Accountants, Kenmare

‘Evanna Project Solutions provided me with unique insights which have been invaluable in helping me to manage and grow my business more effectively. John´s ability to think ´outside the box´ and develop a solution driven model has provided Ozkleen and its Executive with a third eye not previously available and which is now a key asset to the business. I highly recommend Evanna to any SME wishing to improve their performance and to gain a commercial advantage.´

Mark Quinn, CEO, Ozkleen

‘John’s contribution as Director and Co-Founder has helped to lead the successful transition of the company from a UCC Spin out to a recognised Leader in its field. John’s role continues to help shape the positive direction and growth of the company.’

Raymond Alcorn, CEO, Exceedence

‘John and Evanna simply took 3rd party finance discussions in their stride. They have a natural capacity to disagree without being disagreeable and it created a platform for resolution rather than conflict. John removed much of the fear that went with the position I found myself in, and his calm, logical approach was both comforting and reassuring. I have recommended Evanna to others in a similar position and the empathy and understanding that is a feature of Evanna’s work remains their greatest strength.’

John provides our Practice with an additional skill set, not otherwise available.  John’s focus on positive Client relationship management enhances the ethos and vision of the Orbitus Group. His diplomatic style enhances the relationship bridge with Clients.

Jennifer Downing, Managing Partner, Orbitus Group

During his time as a Board Member, and as an ongoing Advisor to the Board, John continues to use his talents to help strategically positon the Company as a world leading renewable energy technologist.

John McCarthy, CEO, OceanEnergy

Since 2009, John Keating has been a wise, informed and well connected counsel to MRIA, its Board and Members’

Peter Coyle, Chairman, Marine Renewable Energy Association (MRIA)